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We welcome students from all walks of life to join us at the three museums. No matter which school, faculty or program you belong in, you are welcome here. A science background is not required. 

Once you're in, you're in! Think of it as a mailing list. You will be getting emails directly from the museums and if you see something you like, just simply sign up for it and you are done! That means you DON'T have to commit to every opportunity that is available. This gives you tons of flexibility. :) But remember, it is first come, first serve.

Some examples:
Ice Cream Festival
Easter at the Agriculture Museum (see the photos there)

  • Admissions: Hand out chocolate for children who participate in the Easter Egg Hunt
  • Work in with bunnies (holding the bunnies, setting up the classrooms etc)
  • Supervised the chicks
  • Make Hot Cross Buns and MANY MORE!

Fundraising like the Science Soiree in April (18+)

  • At the register, welcome the guests
  • Volunteer get a dinner before event
  • Silent auction
  • There will be an open bar
  • Cigar will be sold
  • Guess the mystery ingredient in the liquid nitrogen ice cream and MANY MORE

Project North Star - restoring an aircraft!

Some FAQs:
You will be trained for the role on the day of your shift. It will take 15-30 minutes before the shift. There will be also be a briefing before the shift so arrive ~45 minutes earlier.

Special Events:
AM Shift: 9 am - 12 pm
PM Shift: 1pm - 5pm

Summer Camp:
July - August

Grooming and animal care etc

Linguistic Profile:
You don't have to be bilingual, but it is a bonus. :) If you can only speak one of the official language (i.e. only English or French), you will be paired up with another volunteer who can speak the other language. Fret not, you'll never be alone! :)

There is not a limit but it will be preferred that you stayed as a long term volunteer.

Volunteer Validation:
The hours will be recorded by the museum. Just make sure you sign in and sign out in the logbook.

Have further questions? We can help!

Email us at: or tweet us @uOttawaMSVN

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